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How It Began

Installers required consistent deliverables, economical pricing, and clearly defined upfront delivery schedules for their scalable design and engineering needs.

Designers and engineers sought an efficient, replicable workflow that could ensure swift Turnaround Time (TAT) With Error free permit for their projects.

In 2020, (Vishtik techlogies LLP) Vishtik was established with the objective of addressing this challenge. It stands as the sole design firm catering to solar installers, offering standardized, high-quality permit design and engineering solutions marked by rapidity, dependability, and competitive expenses.

Employing exceptionally streamlined methodologies and cutting-edge infrastructure, we guarantee top-notch services that not only meet the most stringent quality benchmarks but also adhere to stipulated timelines. Our global operations enable us to optimize your enterprise by providing the utmost in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and expeditious turnarounds.

We take pride in our assembly of proficient experts, each contributing years of experience and specialized knowledge. Our leadership and delivery squads encompass individuals with diverse proficiencies in business administration, operational excellence, quality assurance, and engineering.

Our Mission & Vision

Make your solar business more efficient & profitable

At Vishtik, we are committed to helping you grow your solar business with ease and confidence. We offer Solar design and engineering designed to streamline your workflow, optimize your performance, and increase your profitability. Whether you need Solar Proposals, Solar Permit Design & Plan Sets, PE Stamp. we have the right solution for you. Our vision is to make your solar business more efficient, so you can focus on what matters most: delivering clean and affordable energy to your customers.

Our Values

We are proud of our organisation and our team spirit

We are proud to share with you our core values that guide us in everything we do. We believe in integrity, which means being honest, ethical, and respectful in all our interactions. We believe in dependability, which means delivering on our promises, meeting our deadlines, and exceeding our expectations. We believe in dedication to excellence, which means striving for the highest quality, innovation, and improvement in our services. We believe in a positive attitude, which means being optimistic, supportive, and collaborative in our work environment. 

Our Progress

Vishtik is a growth accelerator in the solar industry with its disruptive technology and excellent customer service

Vishtik is a Fastest solar design and engineering company that has helped over 100 solar installers complete more than 10000 projects across the country since 2020.Our platform is easy to use, our team is based in delhi and always ready to help, and our vision is to keep improving our services to meet the needs of our customers. We are proud to be a catalyst for the growth of the solar industry with our innovative service and we are committed to delivering the best solutions for our customers.

Why Vishtik

What's More? We Can Help You Succeed.

Our service will help you save time, money and energy, and enjoy the advantages of best design service
We guarantee a 12-hour turnaround time for any design request
Our design team works in two time zones, so they can focus exclusively on your project.
We have a 3-step quality check process: design team, QC, QA, then delivery
We provide free revisions within 5 hours if any changes are required in the permit
We guarantee a 12-hour turnaround time for any design request
Flexible payment options - tested crm portal

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