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You will need to obtain a solar permit from your local building department. A solar permit is a document that certifies that your solar system meets the safety and electrical codes of your area. A solar permit design is a set of drawings and calculations that show how your solar system will be installed and connected to the grid. A solar permit design typically includes:

– A site plan that shows the location and dimensions of your property, roof, solar panels, inverter, meter, and electrical service panel.
– A roof plan that shows the layout and orientation of your solar panels, the spacing between them, and the attachment method to the roof.
– An electrical diagram that shows the wiring and components of your solar system, such as the inverter, disconnects, fuses, breakers, and grounding equipment.
– A structural analysis that shows that your roof can support the weight and wind load of your solar system.

A solar permit design is an essential step in the solar installation process. It ensures that your solar system is safe, efficient, and compliant with the local regulations. A solar permit design also helps you avoid delays and fines from the building department. To get a solar permit design, you can either hire a professional engineer or use an online service that provides customized solar permit designs for your project.

We supply 98% acceptance across all AHJs easily of obtaining PE stamps (Structural & Electrical).

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Permit Drawings FAQ

Permit drawings help to ensure that the project complies with the building codes and regulations, and that it meets the safety and quality standards.

Most residential permits are completed in 12 hours to 24 hours, Commercial and utility-scale projects take longer, but include pre-scheduled progress meetings at the 30%, 60% and 90% completion milestones.

Corrections to revisions from the building department are included in every service at no additional charge. Outside of the building department corrections, revision requests are defined by the fulfillment partner, 

Structural and Electrical Professional Engineering reviews are not included unless purchased as part of a combination service with the Permit. These PE reviews are available as an additional service for additional fees.

Our permit-ready solar and energy storage design packages are customized to the requirements of your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and utility.

solar design service

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