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Solar Sales Proposal Get the Maximum Impact

Get a Solar Sales proposal with personalized, permit-quality accuracy with just an address and an electric bill. Your customers get a premium experience and you save time.

Solar Sales Proposal

What is included in a Solar Sales Proposals?

With a special Custom Solar Sales proposal, you can be well-prepared to talk about photo voltaic set up and its advantages for the venture owne We use software program such as Aurora, Helioscope, Solo, Open solar, Energy Tool Base & More

Key Features

SLA Compliance

10k-30k sales proposal we deliver every month

Get a Sales Proposal in 30 min.

Real-time chat with designers

We support Aurora, Open Solar, Helioscope, and other 3rd party software

We provide sales proposals along with shading reports and DXF.

Why Choose Our Solar Sales Proposals?

Customizable Proposals:

Each solar sales proposal is tailored to meet the unique needs and concerns of your clients, ensuring a personalized touch that resonates and builds trust.

In-Depth Financial Analysis:

Our proposals include detailed financial breakdowns such as ROI, payback periods, and long-term savings, helping clients see the tangible benefits of their investment.

Engaging Visual Aids:

We enhance our solar sales proposals with 3D renderings, system layouts, and graphical representations, allowing clients to visualize their solar projects clearly and confidently.

Persuasive Content:

Professionally written content that effectively communicates the benefits of solar energy, making it easier to convince clients to make the switch.

Quick Turnaround:

Fast delivery times mean you can move forward with deals without delay, keeping your projects on track.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Grab Attention, Drive Action, and Boost Conversions

What information do you need to create a solar sales proposal?

We require basic information about the client’s energy usage, site details, and any specific requirements or preferences. Additionally, information about available incentives and financing options helps us create a comprehensive solar sales proposal.

How long does it take to receive a completed proposal?

Typically, we can deliver a complete solar sales proposal within 30min -3hrs.

Do your proposals include financial incentives and rebates?

Absolutely. Our solar sales proposals include detailed information about available financial incentives, rebates, and financing options, helping clients understand the full financial benefits of their solar investment.

What is your primary design tool utilised?

We support Aurora, Open Solar, Helioscope, and other 3rd party software

What Do I Need to Do to Get Started?

Firstly, Sign up for our web portal. Our onboarding team will contact you within hours and help you create your first project.

What Are the Methods of Payment?

Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire transfer, online cash transfer.

How Accurate Is Shadow Analysis?

Shadow analysis is 97% accurate; we consider the location of the solar plant on earth and the shortest day and the longest day of the year, which helps to produce more accurate results.

What is your primary design tool utilized?

For primary design, we are currently using AutoCAD, Aurora, Scanify, etc. For generating BOM reports & ground mount jobs, we are using designer tools of that particular racking system.

Can your designers provide email correspondence regarding any status request/design concern/expedition, etc.?

Yes, Our designers are committed to clear communication. They can email correspondences for status requests, design concerns, or expedited matters. This ensures transparency and allows for effective collaboration throughout the

design process.

What are the minimum information requirements necessary to provide a design?

  • Name & address
  • Annual Consumption Electricity (kWh)
  • Module name, Model No. & quantity
  • Inverters name, Model No. & quantity
  • Utility Name:
  • Utility Rate:
  • Annual Utility Rate Escalation:

Do your designers have EV charger design experience?

Yes, our designers have experience in EV charger design.

Do your designers have ESS design experience?

Yes, most of the design engineers are well-versed in the ESS package.

What is the required education/training/experience level for your designers?

Entry-Level Designers (1-1.5 Years of Experience):

  • Education: Minimum Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, renewable energy, or a related field.
  • Ensures a strong theoretical foundation in the relevant disciplines.

Experienced Designers (2-2.5 Years of Experience)

  • Education: Same foundational education as entry-level designers.

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