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Summary of the New York State Solar Guidebook

The Kingston Solar Guidebook is a comprehensive resource designed to assist local governments in New York State with the adoption and implementation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The guidebook aims to streamline the permitting process, ensure compliance with state and local regulations, and promote the growth of solar energy. The document is divided into several key sections:

Introduction and Purpose:

  • The guidebook supports the NY-Sun initiative, a $1 billion program aimed at expanding solar energy in New York.
  • It provides tools, fact sheets, and resources to help local governments address land use, taxation, and permitting complexities associated with solar installations.

Solar PV System Design and Permitting:

  • Highlights critical design considerations for solar PV systems, including site assessment, shading analysis, system sizing, and equipment selection.
  • Discusses the importance of proper grounding, labeling, and adhering to local zoning laws.
  • Provides detailed instructions for completing the unified solar permit application for residential systems up to 25 kW.

Construction Document Review:

  • Offers guidance on reviewing construction documents submitted by solar contractors.
  • Includes checklists for evaluating site plans, electrical diagrams, and structural analyses to ensure compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and other standards.

Field Inspection Procedures:

  • Provides a comprehensive checklist for field inspectors to verify the safety and compliance of solar PV installations.
  • Covers various components such as solar arrays, inverters, junction boxes, and electrical connections.

Training and Additional Resources:

  • Lists educational resources, training programs, and technical assistance available through the NY-Sun PV Trainers Network.
  • Includes templates, sample documents, and links to further information on solar PV systems.


  • Contains supplementary materials such as the NY State Unified Solar Permit application, field inspection checklists, and a glossary of solar PV terminology.
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